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Anatolia, Turkish Anadolu, also called Asia Minor, the peninsula of land that today constitutes the Asian portion of Turkey. Because of its location at the point where the continents of Asia and Europe meet, Anatolia was a crossroads for numerous peoples migrating or conquering from either continent from the beginnings of civilization.

International Anatolian Film Awards  (AFA) is a monthly festival with annual screenings in the different cities of Turkey open to filmmakers and film lovers, recognizing and awarding the work of independent filmmakers worldwide. 

International Anatolian Film Awards (AFA) is a festival of the arts, which includes cinema, music video, musical, web series, and theatre.

Submitted projects are judged by a team of the invited expert's film industry.

Our vision is to promote films, helping filmmakers to improve their careers.

Each month, our Jury will award the best films through private screenings.

All monthly winners will be automatically nominated for the prestigious GOLDEN STAR AWARDS (The Best of The Best). They will be screen the Annual Live Screening Gala in the presence of juries, critics, film scholars, and eminent movie personalities from across the globe.

Films entered in multiple categories may win multiple awards!

The officially selected projects each month receive AFA laurel and are announced on our website.

All monthly Winners receive AFA laurel and certificate. The Monthly Winners are announced on AFA Website periodically and will be promoted on AFA Social Media accounts